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Mind & Body Group


Stabilization and Relaxation are fundamental skills needed for your success in achieving personal health, and it all starts with the mind-body connection.  This group is offered as a tool to focus on building these necessary and fundamental skills.  Use this group as the primary tool for achieving your therapeutic goals, or combine it with individual, family or couple's sessions.  Building an understanding of the inter-workings of your mind and body, and actively strengthening the connection can help maximize your time in therapy!

This group incorporates a combination of information and practices.  This includes tools from the Learning to BREATHE curriculum created by Patricia C. Broderick, PhD, which is an evidence based mindfulness program.  Goals of the group include increasing emotional regulation through sensation awareness and attention, diaphragmatic breathing, and relaxation.  Additionally, this program will include psychoeducation about other healthy lifestyle choices, such as sleep hygiene and the benefits of building a positive support network.

  You do not already have to be a client with Emerging Strengths to participate, although you will be invited to an individual intake before joining group.  This is to ensure that the Mind & Body Group is the best fit for you! 


The Mind & Body Group opens to adults 18 years and up on Monday, October 19, 2020.  Click below to enroll now, and receive weekly links to our virtual meeting place.  This is an open group to allow the opportunity for support from others in the same growth journey!  Participants are welcome to join together at 6pm on Mondays to connect, share tools, and support one another in creating positive change!


This Group Is Offered Via Private Pay

$25 / 45 minute sessions

Most major credit cards are accepted  


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