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Let's partner together to engage in the process of creating positive change.  
Empowered through the personal strengths you’ve developed throughout your life, you can emerge from obstacles with a new perspective and your new victory!

Kathryn Willis, MS, LMHCA

I firmly believe that every individual has what it takes to overcome stumbling blocks, and to create for yourself a life you are proud to live.  My job as a therapist is to help you identify your unique characteristics, and ways they can be built upon to create your new path.  I am an expert in my field, and you are an expert in your own life.  Together, our teamwork can provide a safe place for you to get to know yourself better, and to create plans of action for letting yourself shine in your environment.  I value the process of building a positive support network, and using resources available to you to enhance your natural talents and skills.  I will be active in helping you shape your plan for maintaining and continuing to grow your achievements even after our partnership comes to a close.  Our goal in working together is setting the stage for your long-term personal flourishing.


Why Teletherapy?

Teletherapy, or online therapy, has many benefits!  Individuals and families who have hectic schedules, work out of town, or who experience other barriers to making it into an office for services, may benefit from the flexibility that teletherapy brings.  Even without added hurdles, sometimes accessing therapy from the comfort of your own home is simply just more appealing.  So don't worry about working out transportation, just log onto your device, and let's connect!


Tele Sessions

Anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and many other experiences can be difficult to navigate alone.  Having the opportunity to process thoughts, feelings and situations in one-to-one video sessions can be helpful for overcoming personal struggles.  Want to focus on family or couple's therapy primarily, but need individual time to reflect?  No problem!  Individual sessions can be scheduled in conjunction with other services that are helping you achieve your goals in therapy. 


Tele Sessions

Family can be the most important support network in your life, but it can also hold some of the most difficult relationships to navigate!  Family sessions are useful for working toward collective goals, and building skills together which will help your relationships thrive.  Whether it's due to a life transition, clashing views and beliefs, or other struggles your family might be facing, we can tackle the issues together in family sessions.



Tele Sessions

Dating, strengthening your relationship, keeping the spark alive, marriage, divorce, infidelity, you name it.  There are so many aspects of being a couple that sometimes make this type of relationship difficult to navigate.  Whether you are looking to enhance the quality of your relationship, decide on best next steps, or redefine the nature of the partnership, couple's sessions are a safe place to explore your options.


All Services Are Offered Via Private Pay

All individual, family and couples sessions are offered with two options:

50 minutes for $100


75 minutes for $150

Most major credit cards are accepted! 

Private pay has a major benefit: Services are completely up to the client and therapist, which means length of sessions, duration of services, and frequency of meetings are all completely based on your needs and goals for therapy.

Team with your therapist to determine a plan that works best for you!

Don't let finances be a barrier to care.  If you are experiencing financial hardships that qualify you for membership through Open Path Collective, please click their icon to enroll with them, and receive care on a sliding scale.  Still want to work with me?  I am currently partnered with Open Path!  Please feel free to reach out after enrolling through their program.

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Mind & Body Group

The Mind and Body Group is offered to help strengthen your foundation of awareness and skills which promote stabilization, coping, and your ultimate success in therapy.

Click here to learn more about the group, or here to reach out and enroll!

Let's Get In Touch

Please feel free to reach out if you are living in the state of Washington, and are interested in online services!​



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